Staring at yourself on video for approximately twenty total hours is not the most enjoyable experience, although after completing this video it doesn’t bother me as much. If I can watch the scenes numerous times and still laugh, I think it’s something that works.

The format of this final video was something I was considering for quite a while. I had hoped to keep it simple, but once the concept of doing a Daily Show spoof entered my mind, I knew I had to give it a shot – with all the extra time and work that came along. Overall, I really like how it turned out and feel that it was successful both in representing clearly what I did within my Electricity unit and staying true to the ‘news magazine’ style of television.

As I type this final summary, the final and second rendering of the video (current status indicates another 3 hours) is taking place in the background. Getting into a few of the advanced features of iMovie this time was lots of fun. I still consider myself only a beginner-to-intermediate in video editing proficiency, but working on this project allowed me to learn a few new tricks. The second rendering of the video was needed due to iMovie only allowing you to have two video layers at once (i.e., green screen background plus news desk foreground), so when there was a need for a third layer, such as picture in picture over green screen footage, it required a double processing. That’s six full hours this beast of an SSD has been working today. Had I not upgraded from my old disk drive, I can’t imagine when this would finish – if ever!

For reference, you can find the details of my Electricity and Electrical Devices unit in my previous post, which includes the unit plan. I realize the suggested time limit is no more than 10 minutes for this summary video, but mine is a little longer at 16 minutes. The way I see it, this is a video more for myself than for anyone else – and a summation of six months of planning and teaching quite a big unit. Putting that much time into this – and to conclude a 15-month Educational Technology program, I wanted to make something I was happy with. I hope the extra 6 minutes add some entertainment and enjoyment for anyone who is interested in watching.

I am looking forward to seeing many other videos and to get some new ideas from all the other creative people within CoETaIL. Starting tomorrow.


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